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Here are the schematics of our kits in the pdf format ( acrobat reader, download here).

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135LB Bass Reflex
191 Ko
Sub 285 ( to use with module S120 )
246 Ko
Sub 400 ( to use with module S230 )
266 Ko
Jensen 215 GMF
335 Ko
Jensen 285 and 400
357 Ko
95 Ko
315 Ko
TQWT for the 215
125 Ko
Baffles Compensés RJ
308 Ko
Open Baffle
666 Ko

One way without network for the 135LB, the 165 LB and the 215 rtf Bicone and 215 Signature Bicone or assembly two ways for the 215 rtf 64 or 215 Signature and a tweeter. This type of load is a folded up resonator 1/4 of wave. Very effective for an assembly of high speakers in full range. These columns offer a very good effectiveness in the reproduction of the low register with more precision and less "noise of box" than bass reflex columns.

Charge Jensen 285 GMF + pavillon 1 pouce

Assembly in low register or bass-medium for the 285 GMF or the 400-2000. This well-known load of the audiophiles is an enclosure Bass Reflex with laminar multi-vents laid out on both sides of the loudspeaker. These boxes offer a low register powerful and very precis, half-compartment with 500Hz they are the ideal complement of our 1 inch horn with 1 inch driver.


Old process of assembly Supravox, this enclosure is intended for the 215 and 285. Of an effectiveness much higher than the enclosures Bass Reflex, few trainage, not noise of vent and a flexible adjustment according to the room of listening.

Triphonic sytems 

Low register boxes for 285 GMF (40 to 190Hz) or 400-2000 (23 to 155Hz), for a system triphonic or home cinema.

We advise to use them with the modules of amplifications S120 (for the 285) and S230 (for the 400). Ideal complement of small Bass Reflex or closed for a cut-off frequency between 80 and 120 Hz.

Open baffles
panneau plan SupravoxPanneau plan Supravox

Assembly in 2 ways (215 Signature bicone and 285 GMF) or 3 ways (tweeter, 215 Signature and 285 GMF).

The best device to benefit fully from qualities of the loudspeakers in term of dynamics and impulse response, for a listening of most realistic without any noise of box.