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215 GMF
Bass medium drive unit.

A bass medim driver with very great dynamic qualities. This driver unit remains easily baflable in Jensen boxes or rather bass-reflex volume.

With its 97 dB/W at 1m of efficiency the bet of the very high efficiency is reached and this with a linear excursion without compression of dynamics (+/- 5mm). The admissible power is the highest of all the 215 Supravox.

Mesuresment curves
215 GMF Specifications

Efficiency 1 W/1m at Fs

97 dB


45 Hz
Frequency response 40 à 5kHz Re 8 ohms
Impedance 8 ohms



Power max. RMS

40 W Qe 0.35
Weight 3.4 kg Qm 6
Suspension 5 plis papier Vas 120 L
Linear excursion 10 mm Bl 8.5

Magnet diameter

120 mm Cms 1
Magnetic field 1.5 T Mms 10 g

Diameter HP

224/237mm Sd
283 cm²

Frame thickness

Alu 10mm    
Diameter fixation holes 227 mm    

Diameter drilling enclosure

212 mm    

Depth HP

110 mm