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Full range drive unit

The 165-2000 was conceived according to same philosophy as for 215-2000. Its engine consists of a block of alnico of 1.2 kg to obtain a magnetic field of 20000 Gauss. Its qualities are prevalent in the medium and the high. Used in open baffle, with a back horn or in acoustic line, it makes party of these rare full range which has a bandwidth which reach 20 Khz without needing a bicone.

Mesurement curves
165-2000 specifications

Efficiency 1 W/1m at Fs

94 dB


70 Hz
Frequency response 60 à 20 kHz Re 4.1 ohms
Impedance 4 ohms



Power max. RMS

35 W Qe 0.9
Weight 3.2 kg Qm 6
Suspension 5 plis papier Vas 40 L
Linear excursion 10 mm Bl 3.2

Magnet diameter

1.2 kg Cms 1.1
Magnetic field 2 T Mms
4.9 g

Diameter HP

185 mm Sd
165 cm²

Frame thickness

Alu 10mm  
Diameter fixation holes 175 mm  

Diameter drilling enclosure

160 mm

Depth HP

95 mm